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Written by an air show ticketing expert, this book is filled with 11 chapters of easy, step-by-step guidance, critical warnings, and essential tips, so you can master air show planning and ticket sales.
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  • How to increase ticket sales page traffic so more people buy
  • Pro tips to design a ticket sales page and event website that turn visitors into buyers
  • How to price tickets to maximize sales and revenue
  • Tricks to use email marketing, advertising, and social media to skyrocket ticket sales
  • Why phone systems can make or break an event (and how to fix yours)
  • How to sell merchandise and concessions from your ticket sales page
  • Inights to choose a ticketing company that does more than just sell tickets
  • Easy ways to solve last-minute problems with text messaging
  • Expert strategies to guarantee smooth traffic and parking
  • How to track your results to make your next air show even better
  • And so much more!
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